Friday, July 22, 2005

Free Black Box Testing Course Video

Cem Kaner has posted, free, an evolving online version (with video, course notes, examples, exercises, papers, tests, and more) of his Black Box Software Testing course.

From the course overview:"Black box testing is the craft of testing a program from the external view. We look at how the program operates in its context, getting to know needs and reactions of the users, hardware and software platforms, and programs that communicate with it."This course is an introduction to black box testing. It is a superset of the Software Testing 1 introductory courses that Florida Tech requires in its undergraduate (CSE 3411) and graduate (SWE 5411) software engineering degree programs.

The full set of materials are equivalent to about a two-semester course."...and from the learning objectives for the course:"Testing is a type of technical investigation. If you think of it as a routine task, you'll do crummy testing. So, the essence of what I hopeyou'll learn in the course is how to investigate, how to plan your investigation, how to report the results, and how to tell whether you're doing a good job. Excellence in the course will require you to extend your critical thinking, writing, and teamworking skills. Finally, the work that you do in this course might help you land a job.

Many of the course tasks were designed to be realistic or impressive (to an employer) and to give you a chance to do professional-quality work that you can show off during a job interview.

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