Friday, April 28, 2006

Test Efficiency Vs Test Effectiveness

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Test Efficiency

Test Effectiveness

Test efficiency=
internal in the organization
how much resources were consumed
how much of these resources were utilized
Test effectiveness =
how much the customer's requirements are satisfied by the system
how well the customer specifications are achieved by the system
how much effort is put in developing the system
Number of test cases executed divided by unit of time (generally per hour).
Number of defects found divided by number of test cases executed.
Test efficiency =
(total number of defects found in unit+integration+system) / (total number of defects found in unit+integration+system+User acceptance testing)
Test effectiveness =
(total number of defects injected +total number of defect found) / (total number of defect escaped)* 100
Test Efficiency: Test the amount of code and testing resources required by a program to perfirm a function
Test Effectivness: It judge the Effect of the test enviornment on the application
Testing Efficiency = (No. of defects Resolved / Total No. of Defects Submitted)* 100
Test Effectiveness = Loss due to problems / Total resources processed by the system
Test Efficiency is the rate of bugs found by the tester to the total bugs found.
Let me explain it more clearly:
When the build is sent to the customer side people for the testing (Alpha and Beta Testing), the customer side people also find some bugs.

Test Efficiency = A/(A+B)
Here A= Number of bugs found by the tester
B= Number of bugs found by the custome side people
This test efficiency should always be greater than 90%