Monday, July 18, 2005

But Do You Know if It's Any Good

Here is a good article I came acrross long time back... Originally written by Elisabeth Hendrickson for the computerworld magazine, titled "But do you know if it's any good"

"This new system is driving me crazy!" Janet, the hotel desk attendant, muttered as she punched at the keyboard buttons. She looked back at me, flashing her best customer smile. "Sorry, it will be a minute."

She returned to scowling at the keyboard. Apparently the system finally accepted her input; she looked up at me with a satisfied expression. There was a pause as we waited for the system to respond. A long pause.

To fill the time, she asked, "So Ms. Hendrickson, what do you do?"

"I work with software development organizations to improve software quality."

Read the complete article here...


Elisabeth Hendrickson said...

Thanks for linking to my article! I'm glad you liked it!

özmen said...

Link is dead now..