Monday, April 21, 2008

ICSPI 2008 - Call for presentations and Full day tutorials

Call for presentations and Full day tutorials

ICSPI 2008
International Conference on Software Process Improvement

Washington D.C.
October 20-24, 2008

This year's ICSPI has a new focus. That is the SPI
Body of Knowledge and the Certified Software Process
Improvement Professional (CSPIP) program.

Tutorials offered at the conference will support the
SPI Body of Knowledge (SPIBOK).

The International Institute for Software Process (IISP)
with Guidance of its Advisory Board has just announced
the SPI Body of Knowledge and the requirements for the
CSPIP credentials.

ICSPI 2008 continues its "pragmatic" approach to SPI. Whether
you are adopting a formal assessment model or interested in
less formal process improvement approaches, ICSPI 2008 promises
to keep the same practical theme in all of its presentations
and tutorials. The program will feature presentations by world
leading authorities in software process improvement.

Important Dates

April 21, 2008: Proposals for full day tutorials are due.
Please see guidelines at Tutorial proposal
supporting the SPIBOK will be given priority. Details on the
SPIBOK can be found at

April 28, 2008: Proposals for papers and presentations are due

May, 30,2008: Notification of acceptance will be mailed out

July 11, 2008: Copies of presentations and/or papers are due

October 21 & 22, conference presentations
(pre- and post conference tutorials will be conducted
October 20th, 23rd, and 24th.

Topics of interest include:

* Defining and Documenting Software Processes
* Measuring Software Processes
* Evaluating Software Process Capability and Effectiveness
* Planning and Managing an SPI Program and SPI Projects
* Implementing Software Process Change
* Software Engineering Topics
* Quality Assurance and Testing Topics
* Requirement Engineering and Management
* Software Development, Integration, Release, and Support
* Configuration Management
* Project Management and Planning
* Risk Management
* Verification and Validation Methods
* Agile Software Development Methods
* Software Quality Assurance
* Balanced Scorecard
* Software Measurement & Analysis
* Internal and External Assessment
* CMMI Experience
* SEPG Experience
* Quality Management and Process Management
* Lean SPI
* Six Sigma
* Formal or informal appraisals
* Defect Prediction and Prevention
* Human Resource Development
* Inspections and Peer Reviews

Proposals dealing with other topics will also be considered.

All accepted proposals are awarded a free admission to the
two-day conference and a copy of the conference proceedings.
In addition, the best paper or presentation as judged by the
conference delegates will be invited as a featured presentation
in the following conference.


* Your proposal must follow ALL standards and procedures below
completely in order to be considered for the review process.

* The acceptance of your proposal does NOT guarantee acceptance
of your presentation. Timely receipt of the full presentation
material is required for you to present.

* Submitting a Proposal implies that you will be available to
make the presentation at the conference, including getting approval
from your company and meeting any international travel requirements.

* If your proposal is accepted and you are not able to present
at the conference for any reason, the acceptance decision will be

* The presentation must fully address your proposal objectives
and outline.

Proposals From Outside the U.S.

All proposals submitted by individuals living outside the U.S., must be accompanied by the following two items:

1. A proof that the speaker holds a Visa to the U.S. to deliver the presentation

2. A proof of financial support from Employer indicating that Employer will cover travel expenses for speaker(s) to deliver presentation in the U.S.

Non-U.S. proposals will not be considered for review without these items

Proposal Standards and Procedures:
All proposals must be sent via e-mail to the Conference Chair,
Dr. Magdy S. Hanna at as follows:

Please do NOT reply to this message with you proposal.

* One file in MS Word or RTF format containing all items listed below
* One file in MS Word or RTF format containing the paper if submitted
* One file in PowerPoint format containing the presentation if submitted



1. Presentation Title

2. Presenter Information: Name, Title, Company, Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail

3. A detailed bio listing all experience related to the subject of the proposal.

4. Will you provide a paper with the presentation: (Y/N)

5. Has this paper or presentation been delivered or published elsewhere? (Y/N) If yes, list Event(s) and/or Publication, Dates

6. Background, context or rationale for your proposal

7. Key concepts to be presented

8. Learning Objectives (Results) for participants - what they will
learn and/or how they will benefit from your presentation

9. OUTLINE: Full, detailed, bulleted outline of the Presentation.
This should highlight all in the presentation and their logical
flow and development. This is will be used for the web site
if your proposal is chosen,

Proposals and presentations must meet the following guidelines

1. Do not include any company specific terms or acronyms unless defined

2. Must focus on what can be learned

3. Must not propose any introductory or text-book type material

4. The focus must be on specific experiences rather than vague advice

5. Must not promote any service or products

Your Proposal will be reviewed by The Conference Review Board.
If you have any questions, please address them to the Conference Chair,
Dr. Magdy Hanna,


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