Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Software Testing/QA courses from Universities across the World.

Mallikarjun Reddy of http://codeinspections.blogspot.com/ has a good compilation of testing courses.
Testing Courses in Universities:
The University of Western Ontario.
University of Maryland.
George Mason University
University of St.Thomas
University of Texas Dallas
Testing Certification Exams:
Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)
Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE)
Quality Improvement Associate Certification (CQIA)
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (SSBB).
Certified Test Manager (CTM)
Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP)


Vijay said...

Hi Ahmad,
If you would like to have a more on software testing certifications with detail here I composed a good list

Thanks and regards,
Passion for Testing, Passion for Quality!

Ahamad said...

This is awesome list, thanks vijay.

kuldeep said...


I am facing some problem while I am working on RRAF. We have to automate one application with the help of Rational Robot and we are using RRAF engin. But the problem is our RRAF is fail to recognised pop-up window. It is giving "Script Command Failure on line 697 of 'GenericObjectFunctions'"

Can anybody help me to resiolve this problem.